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Israel removing children from the homes of unvaccinated parents. 

Report Claims Covid PCR Tests Packed With Dangerous Hydrogel And Lithium

Covid-19 Vaccine Infertility Crisis?

Video’s Of Forced Covid Vaccines In Nursing Homes “We’re Dealing With Homicide”

Stand Up And Fight For The Children

Urgent UK Vaccination Army!!Emergency Tribunal Indictments-Vaccines Killing People Everywhere

The Liberty Club Speaking At Vancouver art Gallery Against Media

Covid-19 Vaccines “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” Could End Human Race

Almost Half of the Covid-19 Tests Give False Positives?

Trump – Silent Running – This video was banned off other platforms

The Corona Virus is a Smokescreen for the New World Order

Plandemic Documentary (Banned from Youtube)

America’s Frontline Dr’s Hold 2nd News Conference//Banned on YouTube

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